Natural Child Birth Expert
  Home Birth Supply List
These items can be gathered individually or ordered online at
In the search box enter kt712:
  1 25 - 30 Chux Underpads: 30 x 30, extra large size
  2 1 bulb syringe (Larger size)
  3 2 dozen 4 x 4 sterile gauze pads
  4 Pericare squirt bottle
  5 Digital thermometer
  6 Depends underwear for first few days
  7 Maxi pads for after
  8 4 Golden Seal capsules
  9 2 large Garbage bags
  10 Oil: for perineum & baby's bottom, can be cooking oil or Vitamin E
  11 Immediate postpartum support: Rescue Remedy & Arnica (homeopathic remedy)
  12 Breastfeeding support: herbal teas for drinking (Mother's Milk), Phytolacca (homeopathic remedy), & Lansinoh cream (or you can purchase Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter from another source)
  13 Postpartum Sitz Bath herbal healers - chamomile, comfrey, uva ursi, hypericum, etc.
  14 Infant & Child Soother: Homeopathic Chamomila
  These items are not in the online birth kit and must be gathered individually:
  1 Plastic shower curtain - even if you are planning a tub birth, to protect your bed
  2 Fitted bed sheet that you don't mind possibly getting messy
  3 Regular set of sheets for sleeping on after the birth, and plenty of pillows.
  4 Baby Blankets & 2-3 Baby Hats
  5 Plastic or metal tub / bowl for catching the placenta
  6 Flashlight with fresh batteries
  7 Plastic painters drop cloth, for going from tub to bed (optional)
  8 Some Bendable straws, Kleenex, Paper towels, 4 one-gallon sized ziplock bags
  9 4 large towels, 4 small towels: (kitchen-towel size), & 6 washcloths
  10 Heating pad - required, and a rice sock - if desired
  11 Fish Net (pooper scooper) if planning a water birth; wipes if planning a land birth
  12 Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil)
  13 Ample supply of juices and snacks for mom, coach, and the midwives need caffeine (coffee or coke)
  14 A place for midwives to lie down to rest if needed
  MOST IMPORTANT: please have a bag packed for yourself (nursing nightgown, slippers, toiletries, clothes to go home in) and baby clothes, in case we need to take you to the hospital. It is very difficult to gather these things at the last moment when everyone is under stress & in a hurry.
Home Birth Supply List in .PDF format