E Jones

My Birth story is in the form of a poem…it all happened so fast it seemed right

1 Hour 50 Minutes

8/31/10 2:40am

A sharp pain wakes me from my slumber. Is my baby boy on his way?

Sitting on the toilet, rubbing my belly, “We can do this buddy, here we go”

Calling midwife, Doula, mother in law, and sister

Come now!

Contractions strong and quick

Daddy running around cleaning the house

Daughter watching me through a contraction, looking concerned

Remembering why it is called labor

Making the bed between contractions

Propping myself up with pillows

How wonderful to be HOME!

People start arriving

Deep breath, remembering to un-crinkle my forehead

Resting between contractions

Midwife “check’s” me

8cm already!

Doula rubbing my arms

“You’re doing great”

“You’re so strong”

“You can do this”

Cold towel on my forehead

Essential oil scent in the air

“Just follow your body”

Another contraction….push, push push!!

He’s coming quick!!!

Almost here, another push

Baby boy laying on my chest, he is sleeping!

Born at 4:30am

8lbs 7oz, 20 inches long

Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips, perfect toes!

Quiet in the house, everyone leaves the room.

“We did it mama’s boy, welcome to the world!”