Finnegan Fredrick

I was beginning to think I was going to be pregnant forever…lol!! Sunday morning we decided to get out of the house (there was supposed to be a huge storm coming but not until 4-5pm) so we should be good. We went to the Taste of Oak Park and then to the Toy Store as we walked out the storm was in full force (at only a little after 2pm). We decided to hide in a doorway until it let up but that wasn’t happening…. after about 30 minutes Brad decided to run and get the car & when he pulled up we ran to get in and I felt a strange pop and was suddenly very wet….yep my biggest fear my water will break in public just happened (at least we were soaked already from the rain) LOL!! We headed home to be sure I was right & to call our midwife… she arrived about 5pm and my contraction were regular about 2-3 minutes apart but still very short & not at all uncomfortable. I spent most of the evening in the shower, walking the floors or sitting on the birth ball it was peaceful & just the way I hoped it would be! 

Once things started getting intense I decided I wanted to try and get in the pool… we also decided to call E in as she really wanted to be in for the birth.

The pool wasn’t working for pushing so I got out… Finnegan Fredreick (Finn) was born at home at 1:37 am into my arms it was amazing!!

After at least 2 hours bonding with my sweet boy was the newborn exam…

He was 8lbs, 2oz & 20″ long (our biggest baby)!!

And later that morning I needed to take a few of Finn in his mama made diaper & tee.